Thursday, November 09, 2006


You know how some people are compulsive packrats? I am the opposite. I am a compulsive get-rid-of-er. I cannot stand to have too much clutter around me. This even goes for my beloved clothing, which I am always cleaning out to take to the consignment shop. The one area where I am NOT like this is books. I love having tons of books around. It does not feel like clutter to me. The pictures above are of some recent gets:

Picture One: These were all purchased at my local library bookstore. I live in a small town with a tiny library, so needless to say it is surprising that we have a library bookstore. It is in a small house next to the library and is adorable! The book prices are great: .50 for hardback, .35 or .25 for paperback depending on the size, and children's books are free. I haven't gotten very far with these, but 52 Simple Ways to Make Christmas Special is actually really good. It is written in a Christian perspective and I would recommend it to anyone looking for unique Christmas ideas.

Picture Two: These were purchased at a library book sale in the larger town that I go to graduate school in. It was total madness. I went last Friday. I thought I'd go early before I had to be at the school clinic and that I'd beat the crowds. No. No, I did not. People were already lined up. With carts on wheels. I am not joking. And I might add that I was wearing a heavy wool coat and rather impractical heels. I did not look around much since the crowds were so daunting. I just got in and out as quickly as possible. I already have a copy of Your Money or Your Life, but I am enjoying it so much that I picked up another copy to give away. I am also reading The Millionaire Next Door and it is very fascinating. The prices here weren't great; they were $1 a book.

Picture Three: These were ordered for me by my dear Mumsie (Mom). She has joined a book club and got several free. She offered to let me have one free and I picked Vogue Sewing since I am trying to get myself back to sewing. Well, my sweet mother also ordered the Christmas books for me, too, because I was eyeing them. If you haven't noticed, I have a slight habit of collecting Christmas books.

That's all for now!


thehomespunheart said...

Tessa - I simply LOVE Christmas (well, ok, all holidays!) so I can understand your love for Christmas books! I have a book of Christmas stories that I read every year throughout the month of December - it is so lovely. Aren't books such a wonderful thing? We always post a list of the ABC's in our home each November and write in things we're thankful for next to each letter - Books will be one of my 'b' things today!

Tessa said...

Monica- I love Christmas, too! I think I'll post more of my Christmas books closer to the holiday. ;) Books in general are just sooo wonderful. I love your idea of thankful ABC's. I may have to steal that!

Tammy said...

The book madness has been sucessfully passed on...Mission accomplished...Even though I almost messed it up when I gave you that Christmas book where the cat died when you were a wee one...ooops! :-) Auntie T.