Saturday, October 25, 2008

Extra 25% Off Clearance at Marshalls

Marshalls is having an extra 25% off clearance through Sunday (I think).  Add to this the fact that a lot of the clearance is already cheap and you can score some great deals.  I bought three shirts, one pair of capri pants, one down/feather-stuffed throw pillow, and one enormous tablecloth for $30.84.

Go forth and shop.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Duplex Pictures- Bedroom

I realized that I haven't posted any room pictures since I moved from the apartment to the duplex.  I have discovered that it is very difficult to take room pictures, though!  :P

Here is my bed with new comforter- not frugal, about $60 from Domestications.  It was so difficult to find what I wanted in the right size.  There's also the Henry Link nightstands, lamps from Marshalls, and $6 vintage Nelly Littlehale Murphy print. 

Henry Link standing mirror and desk.  I couldn't get a good photo of the window treatment, but it is a $3 gold sheer waterfall valance that was 90% off at Kohl's.

Henry Link bureaus.  Jewelry is on the top of one; I'm working on getting framed photos for the other.

Up close shot of the comforter print- it's pinker than this IRL.

Vintage $20 print from the same estate that the Henry Link furniture came from.  I bought three of them- the other two are in a spare room.
Coming up tomorrow- the living room...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Love You, MacBook

Warning:  This blog post may contain discussion of a nonfrugal purchase.

So.  I made it all the way through grad school without a laptop.  I was one of the very few people that didn't haul one to class every day.  In most of my classes we were provided with PowerPoint handouts and so it wasn't necessary to have a laptop to take notes (not that I took many notes as it was).  And most people just used their laptops to surf the 'net and tune out the professors.  

I knew it was drawing close to time to purchase a new computer and I have been saving for a while for one.  I decided to get a laptop for portability issues and because I have too much stuff taking up space.  I wound up getting a MacBook because I wanted to get a computer that would last for years with fewer problems.  

I love it.  Love, love, love it!  I've had it for about six weeks now and have mostly adjusted to the differences although I still need to read the booklet that came with it (I'm bad about that).  I haven't yet transferred my files over from my PC, so I need to do that soon.  

For those wondering at home, I did go through Ebates to get a percentage back from my purchase.  And I also got a $100 discount and a free printer.  I haven't completely lost my mind!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Adventures in Clothing

There are lots of clearance sales going on right now.  It's a good time to stock up.

This was $5:

This was a bit pricier at $10, but it fit perfectly.

Cute silvery-grey shoes for $4.  I was excited because I saw something similar in the window of a Banana Republic store.  Now I can duplicate that outfit.

Cotton jacket with cotton lining:  $7.  I was excited to see the cotton lining as most are sweaty polyester.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Trip to Staples

It is no secret that I love Staples although we have had some rough patches over the past couple of years when they took away free shipping for any purchase and kept revamping their ink recycling program.  Well, I am back on board!  With the new Staples rewards program, you can bring in up to three ink cartridges per day (HP, Dell, or Lexmark) and you will earn $3 each in rewards.  Once a quarter (I think) they will give you a rewards coupon.  My coupon was for $27 this time!

I needed a memory card for my camera, so I went ahead and purchased that.  I also hit up the clearance.  They had a table up front with clearance where I snagged a $3 National Geographic puzzle (for the gift closet) and two .40 car folders for my nephews.  My Staples also has a clearance section near the back of the store.  I went to check that out and found a large expanding file that was originally $9 marked down to fifty cents!  I have found similar deals at Office Depot, so make sure you check out that office supply store clearance.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Graduation Day

Today is the graduation ceremony for my doctoral degree.  While I have officially been "doctor" for over a month, this is the day that I have been looking forward to for eight years.  I'm not sure how eight years went by so quickly (even though there were moments where they seemed to drag on forever!).

There's no way that I would've been able to get through this without the support of my family and friends.  That has meant so much to me and helped to carry me through the dark times.  Thanks also to my bloggy friends who have written such kind words of support over the past two years!   

Finally, and most importantly, there is no way that I would have been able to accomplish this without the strength I received from my relationship with God.  I knew that this was His plan for me, and that kept me going.  He carried me through this entire experience.  

And now, on to the celebration.  :)

"That my heart may sing to you and not be silent.  O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever."  Psalm 30:12