Sunday, June 29, 2008

Menu Plan

Banana bread and banana/chocolate chip bread.

I have really fallen off the bandwagon lately when it comes to food. I have been neglecting meal planning and eating out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. So here I go again.

Meals this week:

Breakfast- 1/2 bagel with natural peanut butter and organic skim milk (I have this every day)

Lunches/Dinners- Baked Mexican chicken casserole (already made), crockpot pizza, burritos, cereal, and I have a few single portions from previous meals frozen if I get bored or need other options (chicken carbonara, spinach enchiladas)

Fruit/Veggies- green beans, carrots, oranges, bananas

Dessert- chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (already made)


I passed my dissertation defense!! I do have to add in a few more paragraphs to clarify some info, but the worst is behind me. I was SO nervous all of last week. Normally I get "good" nervous before presentations- the kind that helps you perform well. But last week I was "bad" nervous- the kind that makes your mind go blank and/or makes you vomit. Thankfully, none of those things happened. ;)

When I complete my internship at the end of August, I will officially be Dr. Tessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Recent Free Stuff

* Did anyone else use that great Target coupon that was $5 any 3 Band-Aids (also some other brands like Stayfree, etc.)? I automatically read the fine print on any such coupon to see if I can get something for free. Sure enough, if I could find Band-Aids cheap enough I could get 3 boxes for free. And I did. Which is a really good thing because I was almost out of Band-Aids and I am, shall we say, accident prone. I tend to cut myself frequently on things like scissors, razors, and cheese graters. True story.

* Also, a few years ago I signed up while at Goodwill for their birthday club. For the past three years they have sent me a $5 off any purchase coupon, which I used to get some free (new in package) wrapping paper.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Big News

This Friday I will defend my doctoral dissertation. I really hope it goes well. :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

$5 Skirt

I recently had a $10 off any purchase coupon for taking a survey for Van Heusen, which is a good thing because suddenly all of my clothes are falling off of me. I scoped out the store with the intention of getting something for free but they weren't having any super duper sales. In the back I found this skirt marked down to $14.99 from something like $36. I tried it on and loved it, so I got it for $5.12 after tax. I also tried on this really fabulous dress that looked vintage-y but would've still been $40 after coupon. And it was a black and white print and I don't need another black and white dress. Luckily my cheapskate side won out and I left it on the rack.

This ramble brought to you by Tessa's Ramblings. All rambles, all the time.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!

Well, the move was successful although I still have a little bit of stuff that I need to move over from the apartment. I am now in a town house/duplex and it is FABULOUS. It is more rent than I was paying but it is worth every stinkin' penny.

I am still unpacking and cleaning, so pictures will have to wait. In exciting purchase news, I bought most of a vintage Henry Link bedroom set. I had intended to put it in my spare bedroom but then decided that I wanted it for myself. Pictures of that are forthcoming!

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I'm in the process of moving and posting will be spotty over the next week or so. I will return with lots of pictures and new posts!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What I Did With the $10/$30 WG Coupon

Last Friday Walgreens had a one day $10 off any $30 purchase coupon. June's free after rebate (FAR) items also happened to start that day. I had several scenarios in mind, but WG was out of stock on some items that I wanted to get. Here's what I wound up getting with the coupon:

* Water filter cartridge 6.99 (FAR)
* Ecotrin 2.00 (FAR)
* WG Calcium 5.99 (FAR)
* WG Glucoshot 1.99 (FAR)
* Excedrin 1.99 x 2 = 3.98
* Theragran vitamins 4.99 (FAR)
* Quilted Northern TP 4.00 x 2 = 8.00

Subtotal: 33.94
-10.00 WG coupon
-6.00 Manufacturer's coupons
+ 1.30 tax
$19.24 Which I put on a WG giftcard, of course. AND I will get $24.15 back in rebates.

Let me recap: I spent $19.24 and will get $24.15 back. And I didn't technically even *spend* the $19.24 since I used a WG giftcard.

This is why I love Walgreens.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Raking in the Freebies- Birthday Style

As my 26th birthday rapidly approaches (June 4th), I'm finding that my inbox is filling up with freebie offers. Yay! Last year, I went to the Slickdeals freebie forum and signed up for several offers on their birthday freebie list. I'm only planning on using those that are completely free, not those that require that I buy something else (I'm looking at you, Dairy Queen and Fuddruckers!!!). Here are some of the deals that I have received so far:
* Free Love It size Signature Creation at Coldstone Creamery
* Free Bath & Shower Bubbles at Sephora
* $5 off a meal at McAlister's
* Free Gourmet Burger from Red Robin

I've also received a $15 off any purchase coupon from Banana Republic (I have a store card) and was told that I should receive a similar offer from Brooks Brothers since I have a store card there, too.