Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Delicious Grilled Cheese

Use real butter and an American processed cheese single (seriously). When you put the cheese inside, add some spicy mustard. Cook in a pan on the stove top. Creamy and delicious! You can thank me later.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Frugal Office Decorating: Volume I

When I start my internship in late August, I will have my own office! A real office with four walls, not a cubicle. ;) I decided that I would like to bring in my own chairs and decorate a bit. I was so very delighted today when I found the chairs in the top picture for $20 each. They are in perfect vintage condition. They are exactly what I wanted, but even better than what I had imagined. There is really no end to God's provision!!
The pictures and mirror in the second photo were free from a friend, as was the lamp base in the third photo. I am still on the hunt for some more items and will continue to post as I find things. I will also post a 'finished' photo in September! I would like to see how cheaply I can decorate.

Free Stuff

I inherited some stuff while helping my friend B. pack for her upcoming move to KS. I love free stuff, but I (mostly) only took home stuff I could use. I really needed a hamper (above photo) and corded phone and answering machine (bottom photo). I also received shoes, books, workout clothes, belt, purse, vase, and some movies. Some stuff I will sell, which she knows. One book has already been requested on Paperback Swap!

Bread Machine!

This has been on my yard sale wishlist for a while! I had had no luck in locating one, but then a friend shared that she had purchased one that she didn't need since she was going to inherit her mom's machine. Price: $5.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Blog Break: Housesitting

I will be housesitting for the next week, so it is unlikely that I will be able to post. I should not have taken this on right now when I am so overwhelmed by everything I have going on, but I did.

Counting this week, I have five weeks of school left. This would normally be a good thing, but So. Much. To. Do.

Two weeks from today, I will be 25. I still enjoy my birthdays!

See you in a week.

Friday, May 18, 2007


This is my first successful attempt at changing my template! I was inspired by Frugal Upstate last month as she encouraged the blogosphere to clean up our blogs (Yeah, I know I'm late. Better late than never.). There are still several things that I am not sure how to do, but, baby steps. Baby steps.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sometimes You Have to Strong-Arm Them

Rebate companies. Bah. I've never had problems with Staples rebates until recently. I was supposed to receive a check for three Avery label packages ($32.94), and I only received the amount of one package ($10.98). I don't have time to call companies, although that would get the job done more quickly. Instead, I emailed and got the run-around twice. Finally, I stated firmly that if this was not resolved immediately, I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I can't imagine that a company as big as Staples would care, but those were apparently the magic words. My check should be on its way today.

Stand your ground!

A Crockpot Conversation

(Note: I purchased a small Crockpot for $2 a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale to supplement my large Crockpot. This is an actual conversation my mother and I had about it. It has some light stains at the bottom rim.)

Mom: I'm concerned about the stains in this Crockpot.
Me: Mmm-hmm.
Mom: I mean, you never know what people cooked in it!
Me: Yeah, that's true.
Mom: It could've been drugs or something.
Me: Oh. I was thinking something much worse.
Mom: What??
Me: You don't want to know.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Have You Noticed?

If you think that I am not posting as much lately, you are correct. It will probably be this way until the beginning of July. This semester is much busier than I thought it would be and I am still working on the dreaded dissertation. So I will continue to post, just not as often.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Bring Your Own Vase

There have been many times over the past few years that I've gotten flowers for someone. This has typically occurred when one of the employees of our school clinic was leaving to take a different job. One of my friends and I always split the cost, and we always go to a discount florist. Flowers in a vase look much nicer, but when purchased from the florist (even the discount florist!) will run you $3-$5 more than the paper wrapped variety. There is a dollar store conveniently located near the florist, so one of us typically goes to the dollar store to buy a vase while the other goes to get the flowers wrapped in paper. This has the added bonus of allowing us to arrange our own flowers (and get rid of the hideous baby's breath!). Since it's yard sale season, I've picked up a couple of vases for .05 and .15 each. I now carry one in my car wrapped in paper so that I am always prepared for inexpensive flower gifts. Preparation: works for me!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ha Ha Tonka

Today Mumsie and I went to Ha Ha Tonka State Park. The story of Ha Ha Tonka is pretty interesting. Basically, a rich dude came to the Ozarks, thought it was beautiful, and decided to build a castle to live in. Then he died, the family had a hard time keeping it together, and the castle and surrounding buildings burned down. Then Missouri bought the land and made a state park. You can read the story here. The top photo is the castle and the middle is part of the carriage house. It is really fun to hike around there!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

T Minus 8 Weeks...

Eight weeks and classes are OVER...