Monday, January 05, 2009

Fractured Christmas Fun

About a week before Christmas Eve, I woke up with some foot pain.  I ignored it, because that's how I roll.  One week later, I ran to my house because it was cold outside and I noticed that my foot was hurting more.  I decided to go to bed early, because I love sleeping and believe in its magical healing powers.  I woke up at 3:30 am on the morning before Christmas Eve with horrible throbbing pain.  Pain so bad that it made me cry, which is unusual for me.  I figured that I had fractured it, so after consulting with my insurance book (yay managed care!) I found that it would be cheaper for me to go to the ER to get an x-ray than for me to go to urgent care.  So I went to the ER at 4:30 am and got x-rayed.  The ER doc couldn't see anything on the x-ray, but he gave me crutches and told me to stay off of it until I could visit a podiatrist.

The hospital is out of my network (again, yay managed care), so I had to find my own podiatrist referral.  By the grace of God she was able to get me in the next day, on Christmas Eve.  She did an exam (ow) and took more x-rays and found a fracture.  I have a fractured tibial sessamoid bone, which according to my good friend the internets apparently never heals well if at all.  Things are bleak, my friends.  I have to stay off the stupid thing for six weeks.  I am doing well at this about 75% of the time.  At work and for longer distances I use a scooter thing since crutches are painful.  I still use the crutches as needed, though.  I can only drive very short distances and that still hurts a bit.  I am definitely discouraged about the prognosis, but I am taking a bunch of vitamin C and will also start calcium this week in an effort to speed up my healing.

Did I mention that this is my very first broken bone?  Pretty crazy considering that I fall down all the time...


jenn said...

Oh my goodness! Wishing you the best!

Guess that means lots of extra time to blog ;)

Lacy said...

how does one fracture a tibial thingy anyway? just wondering for future reference.

Allena said...

Hi, I'm Tammy's weird sheep friend. Wait, what I mean is, I am Tammy's sheep friend, and I happen to be weird, or eccentric, that sounds better.

So now that you know the caliber of the person telling you something, you might try some comphrey(sp?) tea.

It is known to relieve pain, and also speed healing. Essential oil might also be helpful, google it and see what you think.

You should also be taking magniesium and be sure to get calcium citrate instead of carbonate because it is absorbed by the body twice as well.

You might also rub lavender essential oil on the foot. Mix a 1/8 c veg oil with say, 10 drops or so. That will help, there are some other things that could help with healing too. I learned this doctoring my goat.

Yeah yeah, crazy goat lady on top of weird sheep friend.

Good luck!